Every Women is Special

In today’s era there is a need to understand the importance of women in the society. Thus it has inspired me to write this blog on women. So I would like to dedicate this blog to all the women out there.

We have seen so many superheroes and action heroes in the movies. We surely know who is a Spider Man ,Batman and Superman. But do you remember a female superhero and can you name some of them. A real superwoman isn’t the one that is found in the movies but is found beside us.

A Superwoman is not the one who have superpowers but she is the one who can make any given power a superpower. Our generation is busy comparing a man and a woman. A woman wasn’t made to do everything a man could do but she was made for everything that a man can’t do.

A woman who was then a girl plays the role of a mother, a wife and daughter at the same time. She doesn’t needs to be the best as she is simply great in her ways. No dictionary can define the quality a woman possess.

Indian goddess picture in the Best blog on women.

In India goddess are worshiped and devoted because of their boundless blessings on devotees in form of peace, love and knowledge. A woman is a girl who has sacrificed a lot of things for her family. The sacrifices which she undertakes doesn’t grant her any ease yet it makes her satisfied by seeing her family happy.

My mother is one of the examples of a superwoman. She works tirelessly for her family. She assures each and everything is going smoothly if not then she is the first person to correct it. My mother may not be the best lady on the earth but she is definitely the right lady for our family.

Picture of the author and his mother in the best blog on women.
A candid picture of my mother showing love towards me

Like mine even your mother may have sacrificed a lot things which probably you may not be aware of . But there is always one thing common in all the mothers that their love towards their child is boundless and impeccable.

In the end….

I would like to say that every woman is a human soul but it is also a deadly combination of love, sacrifices, knowledge, joy, hard work, beauty and last but not the least a golden heart symbolizing purity.

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