New boy in the city

New boy in the city is the journey of author from Mumbai to Pune. The following blog also explains various contrasts between the two cities.

Bombay (now Mumbai) being my birthplace was always a fascinating thing for me. The “CITY OF DREAMS ” is still a league apart. Due to its unmatched charm of nightlife and glamour filled lifestyle. To quote the words of Yash Chopra ” Mumbai’s infectious. Once you start living in Mumbai, working in Mumbai, I don’t think you can live anywhere else”. Bombay being a busy city is always a mystery ,thousands of feelings are given shape near the shores of Marine Lines.

It was 2005

the era of Hide & Seek, Street Cricket, Super Mario, Takeshi’s Castle and many such games existed inside each child of that generation. The greatest asset we owned was that we had no smartphones. But a couple of friends with whom we could enjoy our day. Staying for almost 9 years in Mumbai made me addicted to its lifestyle.In 2009 a delightful news knocked on our doors. The news was about my mom being promoted in her job profile. The new job profile demanded us to shift to another city. This new city was none other than Pune.

Picture of Pune's market shown in the blog new boy in the city.
Photo by Atharva Tulsi on Unsplash

I was in 7th grade when we opted to shift in Pune. First day in Pune was not less than a nightmare as I wasn’t able to find a single shop open after 11pm to satisfy my hunger. Being a New Boy In The City was a challenge itself to tune into the new lifestyle.At first Pune looked like a coaster without a thrill ,but as we say “Time has a great way of showing what matters in life”. It’s been almost 9 yrs now and I don’t know how I fell in love with this city. People here are amazing as well as smart as only they can find the easiest ways to do the most difficult job.

Pune city

is also called as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. It features one of the greatest palaces built by Peshwas known as Shaniwar Wada. The nights during Ganesh Chaturthi are always charming and glowing , it’s the only time when the streets are crowded more at night than the days. The beats of Dhol drives people crazy and creates a different aura altogether. The lifestyle of Pune is very different from that of Bombay. Its slow moving lifestyle and pleasant weather conditions make it a perfect spot to live. Especially in the winter ,the city experiences its coldest days of the year , which makes people to grab their mufflers and jackets. A thick layer of fog covers all over the city making it an ideal destination for tourists.

To quote my own words “Once you start living in Pune,you start making memories” yes ,I have been addicted to the city and its gratifying lifestyle. I have some mesmerizing memories from Pune which I know I won’t be able to live again. To conclude my blog, I would like to say Mumbai and Pune are two incomparable cities. Like the Sun and the Moon, both have their own charm and spark which makes them unique from one another.

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