New Girl in the City

It was summer, the sun was above the head yet I was determined to chase 27 off 18 balls. The parking lot was packed with excitement and cheers. The next ball arrived with a gripping speed and I tried to hit it for a six. But the ball gets the edge of the bat and hits a passerby. Upon seeing, I saw a girl holding her hand in pain and the milk packet which she was carrying  spilled all over the ground. As I tried to apologize, the girl left without uttering a word.

The next day I found out her address easily as she lived in the same apartment. I carried a pack of chocolates and milk packets for her. When I rang the bell I was hoping to get good scolding from her parents. But when the door was opened, it was just her. I apologised immediately, gave her the chocolates and left quickly as I had no mood to meet her parents. 

After a few days, when I was about to cross her path, she suddenly called me. When I approached her, she appreciated my chocolates and my soft gestures. On hearing this I smiled at her and left. This is how our friendship began. Subsequently, I introduced her to all my friends who stayed in the same apartment. Later on we all started to play together. Right from Hide and Seek to Cricket we covered all the games.

Years passed and our 10th board exams arrived. The apartment which was full of noise, suddenly became quiet. All eyes were on us. But with hard work we cleared our exams with flying colors. We applied in the same college and luckily got the same class. The friendship which began during the school time continued till graduation.

 After our graduation exams, we went for a long drive and had all the fun memories until she said that she will be moving to another city in the upcoming weeks. On hearing this I was completely shattered and heart broken. Suddenly I became quiet and all the memories started flashing in my mind. I somehow managed to reach home. But I couldn’t sleep all that night because I was constantly thinking of her.  Maybe I was in love or maybe I didn’t want to lose her.

After a few weeks when she was about to leave. I had decided not to meet her as I won’t be able to see her going away. So I just decided to sleep but nevertheless I couldn’t. So I opened whatsapp. As I was browsing it I saw a story uploaded recently by her which had a picture of her hand which was then hit  by the ball. There was also a caption below the photograph which said “The best thing to start a great friendship”. I tried to hold my emotions and changed my mind to meet her one last time. 

From my apartment, the railway station was 45 mins far but I had only 30mins to reach there. So I quickly grabbed my bike and drove it as quickly as possible, I even broke few traffic signals before reaching the station. I managed to reach the station in 25 mins. I had just 5 mins left to meet her. So I ran and found the platform where I could see her standing at the gate.

I quickly went and hugged her tightly. Before she could say anything I just said those magical words that every girl desires to hear from the guy she loves. To this she just smiled and hugged me tightly. Before she could say anything the whistle of the train went on. Tears started rolling out from her eyes and before leaving she said one last thing which deeply touched my heart and that was ”No matter where I go, I will always be there beside you to support and love you forever”.

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  1. Vandana Rajesh Pardeshi

    Excellent work if it is actual great, if fictitious than salute to your writing. Proud tobe your Principal.
    Stay bless❤️👍


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